Focusing on and interwoven set of factors: An awakening sexuality, a blossoming femme identity, and a gullible mind, “Quinceañera” is a performance piece that explores the physical and emotional transitions of a queer body struggling to find his space in modern society.  With curiosity and vulnerability, repression and violence, isolation and over-stimulation, we expose a current volatile and convoluted socio-political context that gradually drives our susceptible, naive character to the edge of insanity.

Under the suffocating glare of the audience, our protagonist is hesitant but willing to act out mainstream gender binary dynamics, switching from male to female stereotypes within seconds. A potent visual representation that proves that gender is performative; gender is nurture, not nature. All the events happen in front of the omnipresent naked eye of the female gaze: Empathizing and encouraging, rather than judgemental and objectifying; Emotional and intimate, rather than controlling and invasive.

“Quinceanera” is an innocent but ghastly high-octane dance that examines the complex process of growth and existence as a whole. A visceral study through movement of what it means to reclaim your space, body and identity.