Is not that the desire isn’t there anymore, is not that the wish of perpetually evolving into the unknown and analyzing the psychology behind fashion and consumer behavior is no longer there.

But, there’s something missing.

If this missing puzzle piece is the main piece that my brain needs to have the interest in fashion I had a few years ago, then maybe my search for inner peace with my tempestuous on and off relation with clothes is over. Maybe we have settled, and we are at a place where all anti-establishment movements have become seemingly banal, all brands advocating for a free-er, genderless, and politically educated future have become the norm, hence my desire to dissociate from the current fashion bubble.

Perhaps, every time we imitate Helmut Lang catwalks, Eckahus Latta runways, or Vaquera’s looks on the streets, we launch ourselves back to a time when designers and companies told us what to wear. Pre-Instagram era, we were telling the establishment that we wanted to wear oversized clothes, but not because Vetements told us to. We were wearing satin red gloves and heeled Chelsea boots because we wanted to, and not because we saw it on I-D Magazine. The emotional connection we had with our clothes was special because we made it special.

It was those images that stayed with us, those creatures in glossy magazines that we aspired to become, it was our interpretation of who we wanted to become that we portrayed. This current watered-down version of me is not who I am, this is not the person I wanted to become. The idea that you can be whatever it is that you want to be, is still valid. But what sets you aside from the rest? Who do you think you really are? Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

Maybe it isn’t the fact that our interest in fashion has attenuated due to overexposure. This is another chance for us to rethink our ideas of what fashion could be. This is our opportunity to prove to ourselves that there is always something new and exciting in the industry, that our attempts to move forward haven’t been in the name of vanity and millennial cliches.

Our belief in fashion is still present, I can feel it.

It is fashion that we’ve lost, we lost it to the media, to celebrity, to magazines, and this is our time to reclaim fashion.

This is the time.